*** Before doing any weekly assignments, pray. ***

Week Eight: Conclusion and Plan

Key Concept: Impact


Looking Back (20 Minutes)

  1. Accountability:  Love Does
    • Did you take your next step to build homeownership? If so, what step did you take?
  2. Connecting Relationally (Optional)
    • These questions are optional based on how much time you have and/or how much time you want to spend on the Looking Up section.
    • If you know that a group member is going through a major life event, feel free to ask about it.
    • Otherwise, you may want to also ask the group, “What is one thing you are celebrating that happened last week or one place you saw God show up?”

Looking Up (20 Minutes)

3. Discussion Questions:

    • How have the last 7 weeks been for you?
    • What was the most impactful for you from our time together?
    • What is something you will do differently after this series?
    • There are a few options to continue learning and growing. Discuss the following as a group:
      1. Movement Mentoring Faith & Life (start with Session 2 and continue from there)
      2. Life Planning Series (5 weeks)
        • If the group wants to continue, follow with Session 2 of Movement Mentoring Faith & Life
  • Note:  You may want to think about asking a particular question to a particular person (or persons) in your group based on what you know of their story or what God is doing in their lives.  Also, remember to include and draw in members of the group who are less talkative than others.

Looking Forward (20 Minutes)

4. Goal-Setting: Love Does

    • Remind people of the commitments moving forward-
      1. As long as I believe the group is adding value to my life, I commit to attending the group and coming prepared, apart from traveling or emergencies with families.
    • Plan Off-Site Dinner/Weekend/Virtual Happy Hour

5.  Prayer

    • Spend time praying.


Many thanks to Montell Watson and Porsche Moultrie for their guidance in this series!

Niki Noel is a beloved daughter of God, New England born and raised, a Patriots fan in Panthers territory, mentoring and development leader at a mortgage company, and continually amazed and humbled by the movement of God.

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