*** Before doing any weekly assignments, pray. ***

Week One: Group Intro

Looking Up (20 Minutes).

  1. Start with sharing your story (roughly 2 minutes) and then extend the invitation to the rest of the group to share as well: their name, what they do, and if they currently are a homeowner, renter or have started the process but feel discouraged.
  2. Take this time to go over some key logistics:
    1. Which day/time to meet
    2. Zoom, Teams, another platform, or in person
    3. Expectations of what each person hopes to accomplish over the next 8 weeks

Looking Forward (20 Minutes).

  1. Commit-
    1. To show up each week
    2. To keep everything said in group confidential
    3. To learn and grow together
    4. To pray for one another
  2. For next week- Read Session 10 of the Movement Mentoring Material: A Model for Prayer



Many thanks to Montell Watson and Porsche Moultrie for their guidance in this series!

Niki Noel is a beloved daughter of God, New England born and raised, a Patriots fan in Panthers territory, mentoring and development leader at a mortgage company, and continually amazed and humbled by the movement of God.

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