How to Facilitate-Lead a Movement Mentoring Group

How do I get a group started?

  1. There are a few ways to get a mentoring group started. The best way is for you to build on the relationships that you already have and invite a few teammates/friends to go on a journey of learning and growth with you.
  2. The second way to begin a mentoring group is for you to plug into a group of existing people who are interested in being involved.
  3. Please look at the coaching points each week. We have provided an outline that provides structure for each week, but feel free to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. The questions around looking back and looking forward will help you create action, movement, and transformation in each member of the group.
  4. In order to effectively invite people into a group, we’d suggest you read the overview for the mentoring process, which can be found here
  5. The people you invite for the first week do not need to do any prep work for the first week. As you invite them, simply share with them at a very high level about Movement Mentoring and tell them to come to the first meeting to find out more information.  After the first meeting, they can decide whether they think this will add value to their lives.

What is my role as a Mentor?

  • Facilitate: Your primary role is to facilitate a discussion. The goal isn’t for you to teach the training sessions, but to facilitate the discussion in such a way that encourages everyone in the group to participate and make application of God’s word to their lives.
    • A facilitator is someone who enables a process to happen, specifically someone who models what the process is doing for them by sharing vulnerably what you are learning from others in the group and from God through this process.
    • We recommend you have someone in the group record the Love Does action steps for every member in the group that happen during the Looking Forward section. You may empower a group member to own this step and send them out to the group or do it yourself.  Either way, try to send out the Love Does Action Steps each week as a way of providing accountability for each person to take action and make a change.
  • Love: The goal is love. Anything you can do to love the members of your group will make a huge impact, such as emails, texts, calls, and any creative way you can think of to make them feel loved.
  • Value: You are embarking on a journey of learning with your group. The members of your group will feel valued if you are learning with them, but they will feel like a project if they feel like you are there just to help them.
  • E* S* P* N has SportsCenter highlights. Keep ESPN in your mind with each group and try to have these four highlights happen each week…
  • E- Encouragement (for each person)
  • S- Scripture (during the looking up section)
  • P- Prayer (during the looking forward section)
  • N- Next Steps
    • Next Steps happen during our “Love Does” action step
    • This is the key to making sure you life transformation happens. Make sure you have a Love Does action step each week.

How long, how often, and for how many weeks do the groups meet?

  • Groups meet for an hour once a week (occasionally every other week). What day/time of the week depends on what is best for the members of each individual group.
  • We ask that you take it one step at a time. The first section is 6 weeks- commit to those first 6 weeks with intentionality (be on time, read the sessions, etc). If after 6 weeks you are enjoying it and believe it is adding value to your life, then continue to be a part of the group.

Okay, now I am leading a group. Where is the curriculum again?

  • The curriculum is all online; visit for all of our training sessions and coaching points
    1. Training sessions- what the group reads
    2. Coaching points- a tool for you as the mentor

I heard there are journals?

  • Yes, there are Movement Mentoring journals we can send you; these journals are for your personal use if you so choose. Contact Niki or David at;

We are meeting virtually. I don’t have a Zoom account- what are my options?

  • If you don’t already use Microsoft Teams, you can download it for free and do video calls with multiple participants.
  • If you work at Movement, we will work on setting you up with a Zoom account.

I saw something in the overview about a story time. When/how do I do that?

  • In order to build trust within the group, vulnerability is a key component. When we share and listen to one another’s stories, you as the leader will go first. You set the pace.  If you are vulnerable, the group will follow, and if you are not vulnerable, then they will not be either.
  • We recommend sharing stories around weeks 4 or 5. By that point, members will be more familiar with one another and can take that next step together. Where you have it- whether in person or virtually- is up to you as a group. Some groups have even extended it to an overnight and have gone to the mountains or some fun place to give the members a little longer to share their story, but it will work just fine to do it over zoom.

I am stuck and I don’t know what to do. Who can I talk to?

  • Please do not hesitate to reach out to anyone on the Mentoring team! We would be happy to assist you in any way that we can, whether that is strategize on logistical dilemmas, offer encouragement, or just pray for you. We are here for you!
  • On the first Friday at 10-10:30am we offer an Adaptive Learning (Zoom) Call for all the mentors. This time is one for mentors to connect with, be encouraged, and learn from each other; it is facilitated by the Mentoring team. You may either join us on our call or form your own call with your company.

My group has finished the curriculum and we are looking for another! Who do we talk with about this?

  • Connect with a member of the Movement Mentoring Team- we can offer suggestions and help you find a great next study for you and your group! Contact us at
  • When you begin a group, cast a vision for multiplication:
    • By equipping people in your group to lead another group.
    • By offering to co-lead a group with someone in your group who gathers some of their friends.
    • By creating such a community of love that your group sticks together and recruits other groups by virtue of the positive experience they see you having with one another..


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