Coaching Points for Group Leaders (Week 13): The Foundation: Knowing the Will of God, Downstream

Looking Back (20 Minutes)

  1. Accountability
    • Who can say Matthew 6:33?
    • The “looking back” section should be shorter this week to give you more time to discuss the training session, though feel free to connect relationally on any major life events a group member may be walking through.

Looking Up (20 Minutes)

  1. Discussion Questions:  Prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in determining which of the discussion questions you will ask your group members.
  2. Note:  You may want to think about asking a particular question to a particular person (or persons) in your group based on what you know of their story or what God is doing in their lives.  Also, remember to include and draw in members of the group who are less talkative than others.

Looking Forward (20 Minutes)

  1. Goal-Setting:  LOVE DOES
    • The goal is to be doers of the word, not just hearers of the word.  What is one thing you could do every day in the next week to do the will of God? 
  2. Prayer
    • Where do you need God to show up for you this week?


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