Coaching Points (Week 11): The Foundation: Practicing Prayer

Looking Back (20 Minutes)

  1. Accountability: Love Does
    • Did you do set aside 15 minutes each day to allow God to speak to you in the Bible Reading Plan?
    • What did you like about the model of meditative prayer that we introduced using the acronym A.C.T.S.?
    • What did you struggle with in using this model?
  2. Connecting Relationally
    • You most likely will not have time for this question, but in case you do, it is never a bad thing to celebrate:
      • What is something to celebrate that you saw God do last week?

Looking Up (20 Minutes)

  1. Suggestion:  Read Isaiah 55 together out loud.  Give people 15 minutes to use their prayer journals and practice praying with their pen.

Looking Forward (20 Minutes)

  1. Goal-Setting:  LOVE DOES
    • In an effort to be doers of the word and just hearers, we’re going to practice prayer (again!).  The only way to learn to pray is practice! Each day, we’re going to make it a goal to follow the Bible Reading Plan and spend at least 15 minutes in meditative prayer with our pen and the Movement Prayer Journal, preferably first thing.  Give your first and best to God and trust Him with the rest–watch what happens!
  2. Prayer – In an effort to be doers of the word and just hearers, we’re going to practice prayer.  Now come together as a group and pray through the different categories that you meditated on in your journal.
    • Begin with Adoration.  Give each person in the group a chance to offer a prayer of adoration (though everyone isn’t obviously required to pray out loud).  As the leader, you will go last and transition the group to the second category of Confession. Then repeat the same thing for Thanksgiving and Supplication.


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